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Recipe for relaxation

One for the Walkman.

I love Mozart, particularly his Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra in C Major played by the Cleveland Orchestra. There is so much that is so good on this album. It reminds me of summer, it is so light and sort of jolie. When I listen to it I think of June in Oxfordshire, where I was brought up. It conjures up a picture of trees and the countryside. It is slightly melancholy and reflective.

This is the sort of music I might play in one of my restaurants. It is elegant and up-market and makes you feel good about yourself. It is so well polished.

I think Mozart was in his early twenties when he wrote this. It's a wistful piece of music that makes me feel young again. I have lived in Cornwall since 1965 but my mother still lives in Oxfordshire so I go back quite a lot.

I have a large collection of records and CDs. The thing about Mozart is that you know that every record you buy is going to be good. It is very soothing music. I'm not a calm person at all - I think it is the nature of the job that causes chefs to be highly strung - and I find this piece of music very relaxing.

Pamela Coleman

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