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For the record;Letter

AGREEABLE though it was to see my picture in the last edition of TES Online, it was a little exciting, even for me!

It is indeed true that I have passed the baton in overall charge of the Department for Education and Employment's technology division to Ralph Tabberer, who has experience already of working on the content side of the National Grid for Learning. Ido so after five busy years in charge and it is now time for a change.

However, Iam keeping my links with the information and communications technology field. The major developments in schools' ICT, represented by the National Grid for Learning and other programmes - including those announced in the recent Budget - have greatly expanded the range of responsibilities in the department. Ishall be committed to a succession of international ICT engagements over the next few months. Ishall additionally be discussing with key players how best to capitalise in overseas markets on Britain's strengths as an educational ICT developer and supplier - one of the Government's key NGFL goals.

Robin Ritzema, Head, technology division, DFEE

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