Regional pay is a step too far

So much for the independence of pay review bodies. The well below inflation cap on public sector pay rises - following a two-year pay freeze and while asking public servants to pay more in pension contributions and work for longer - is inflammatory and unbelievable ("Chancellor stokes union fury by signalling end to national pay", 2 December). This is a cruel slap in the face for public servants.

Regional pay rates would be harmful and divisive, and discourage movement to more deprived or isolated areas of the country. They are also unnecessary.

The end of national pay could undermine equal pay. A female head of history, for example, would be the only holder of such a post in her school and unable to compare with other such post-holders in an employing authority or against national scales.

Voice supports the current national system and will continue to work to ensure the best possible pay and conditions for its members.

Philip Parkin, General secretary, Voice.

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