Regional pay is a step too far

I read with interest the article on chancellor George Osborne's decision to examine the possibility of regional pay settlement. I would urge the Government to be cautious, but not for the reasons, sound as they are, that the various unions put forward.

I urge caution because if the Government opens the door to regional variations based on cost of living, it should be morally bound to consider regional and gender variations in other aspects as well. For example, if I lived in Buckinghamshire, not Trafford, my average life expectancy would be two years higher.

If we can "fine tune" a system of pay based on regions, perhaps the Government could explain why it refuses to "fine tune" a pension system on the same premise? If I were chancellor, I wouldn't want to open that door.

Mr J Redmond, Headteacher, Flixton Junior School, Urmston, Trafford.

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