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However well prepared you are, there are bound to be problems in the first year of your teaching career. Whatever it is that's keeping you awake at night or sobbing on the school secretary's shoulder, our experts can lend a hand

Q: I'm working for a teaching agency covering maternity leave. I recently had a letter from the General Teaching Council for Wales informing me that I need to renew my membership. I thought the school in which you are employed pays on your behalf. I've covered this maternity leave since October and it finishes this month.

A: The Government has agreed to pay the basic cost of the registration fee to the GTC in England and Wales. As you are a supply teacher, you are probably paid on a daily rate that will incorporate an element for this fee. If you have a two-term contract, that will incorporate an element of funding.

Nevertheless, you still have to pay the cost yourself as the registration can only be done by you as the professional.

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