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Relative values

MONEY TALKS CD-ROM. Topologica pound;39.95 + VAT (single user licence). Tel: 01326 377771. TABLE ROAD CD-ROM. Granada Learning pound;49 + VAT (single user licence). Tel: 0161 827 2927.

Money Talks offers four games: players have to work out totals, give change, and enter sums into a till. Teachers can choose appropriate values, though prices are not always realistic (steak is 8p while on a higher level two apples cost pound;2.72). Useful with a class shop or simila role-playing activities.

Table Road offers seven variable activities for juniors mastering multiplication tables; bright presentation sometimes disguises a simple recall question, though a couple encourage the development of simple strategies. Teachers can determine the range of numbers used, and the program tracks performance. Support materials are included.

Alan Parr is a primary mathematics writer and in-service training provider

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