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REMusic - A potent reworking

What it's all about

Once, just before Easter, I was visiting a primary school during assembly when the sound of an old song wafted down the corridor: "Sing hosanna, sing hosanna, sing hosanna to the King of kings."

I groaned. Despite its catchy tune, "Give me oil in my lamp" is a pretty meaningless lyric. But this time, it sounded different, writes Chris Hudson. I looked round the door and saw these words on the projector:

Jesus rode down the hill on a donkey.

Someone shouted "Here comes our King!"

All the people ran out waving branches.

Very happy, they began to sing. Sing hosanna, sing hosanna (chorus continues)

Jesus sat with His friends having supper.

Then He blessed both the wine and bread,

Saying, "Do this each time you are able,

To remember everything I've said." (chorus)

Jesus died on the Cross on Good Friday.

Only Mary and John stood near.

For the rest of His friends had fled frightened,

Hiding secretly away in fear. (chorus)

Jesus came back to life on the Sunday.

Now His friends laughed and smiled once more.

For He told them He would not forget them,

But would be with them for evermore. (chorus)

These updated words brilliantly summarised the Easter story. What's more, the chorus now made sense. Using the lyrics, pupils could be set tasks such as summarising each verse in seven words, or annotating the lyrics with drawings.

What else?

Teach more about Easter with chris1962 's activity. bit.lyEasterChatterbox.

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