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As a Year 6 teacher, I have decided it is time for my class to become aware of what is happening in the world around them. Each weekend I ask them to look out for the news. This stimulates them to read newspapers and listen to news and current affairs on radio and television.

On Monday mornings they write up their findings in a reporter's notebook.

Often pictures are added to complement their article. Each week some pupils are chosen to share their news and a short discussion follows. Sometimes I ask for only good news (often in short supply).

This takes only 30 minutes, is very popular and fulfils many purposes: reading newspapers and taking a greater interest in the media; imitating journalistic style; discussing current affairs - very poignant when several members of the class had relatives fighting in Iraq. At the end of the year they have a record of news which is a valuable keepsake.

Judith Kearney, Year 6 teacher and literacy co-ordinator, Summerhill Primary School, Liverpool, Sefton LEA

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