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Report on Transcendental Meditation brings uneasy calm

In your article "Paul as academy sponsor: will it be?" (April 24), we appreciated the point that Transcendental Meditation can be helpful to improve intelligence, creativity, and behaviour in schools. But we would like to clarify the statement that Sir Paul McCartney will be approached by Dr Derek Cassells, headteacher of the Maharishi School in Lancashire, to "help with plans to transform it into an academy".

We appreciate the fact that Sir Paul took part in the David Lynch Foundation benefit concert in New York on April 4 to raise funds to teach Transcendental Meditation to 1 million children in the world. But in fact neither Dr Cassells nor the Maharishi Foundation had, or has, plans to approach Sir Paul to support a Transcendental Meditation-based academy. Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.

Charles Cunningham, Press Officer, Maharishi Foundation UK.

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