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Does your family want to get more from education and is it willing to share its opinions on learning in 1990s Britain? You could be retired with time on your hands, or parents unsure whether to involve yourselves more in your children's schooling, or seeking advice and inspiration with regard to a change of direction in your career. Or you could be at school or college needing help with revision, careers advice or coping with school pressures. You will act as a touchstone into the world of learning - adult education, retraining in middle age, surviving on a student grant, choosing your GCSE subjects. Please contact Dorothy Stiven on 0181 752 4786.


For their PGCE professional development project, Sarah Martin and Serena Lewis are researching the poorer attainment grades by boys of all ages across a range of subjects. They are keen to hear about any schools which have employed strategies to improve boys' grades, particularly schemes aimed at changing attitudes to learning and to combat peer pressure. Address: Beaumont Leys School, Anstey Lane, Leicester LE4 OFL.

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