Resigned over union's action

I AM a primary school teacher who has been a member of the National Union of Teachers for 17 years, having joined as a student. Following the union's action against the Secretary of State for Education concerning threshold payments, I have decided to resign my membership.

I cannot be the only person who spent hours filling in the application form, expecting to receive an increase early next year. I had no idea that the union intended to take legal action against the initiative, which has resulted in it being postponed or even stopped entirely.

The union information leaflet was entirely misleading and in fact seemed to encourage those of us in a position to apply to do so. As far as I am concerned there was no consultation, and therefore no madate from the membership to follow this course.

The NUT has over the years singularly failed to represent teachers as the hardworking, dedicated professionals that they generally are.

I know that many people, having seen and heard the officers of the NUT in the media, believe that teachers are lazy whingers who have no desire to improve the education of the nation's children. This is not the union that we deserve.

As a result of its action the NUT has deprived many hardworking people of a well-deserved and long-overdue pay increase.

If you are a teacher in the same position, and feel as I do I urge you to follow my lead and vote with your feet.

Rebecca Mottershead

Margaret Road

New Barnet


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