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The NSPCC Child Protection Helpline is a free, 24-hour service which provides counselling, information and advice to anyone concerned about a child at risk of abuse. It is staffed by experienced counsellors who will speak to the caller in confidence but if the person wishes to give identifying details they will contact the social services, police or the local NSPCC team on their behalf. The helpline number is: 0800 800 500.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust is a registered charity which investigates accident prevention and children's safety. It runs a programme of events which are relevant to anyone who has children in their care. The training courses include workshops, seminars and presentations. In-car safety, risk assessment and child development are some of the subjects covered. Details: Helen Richardson, 0171 608 3828.

When children go missing or wander off it is important that the most detailed information and description of the child is at hand and circulated rapidly. The Identa card is carried by a parent and provides personal details instantly, including height, weight, colour of eyes and hair, in a heat-sealed plastic wallet. This new scheme is being made available through schools and costs Pounds 4.95 per card, of which 50p goes to school funds. Details from the Identa UK Helpline 01934 852605.

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