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Key stage 3

Book The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook by David de Rothschild (National Geographic, pound;7.99). A fun guide that describes how to prevent global warming. It even includes amusing ideas on how to survive if temperatures do rise.

Website www.smithsonian education.orgMy WonderfulWorld. Explore and research continents on this wonderful website that includes information on culture, the natural environment, music and animals.

Resource In the Face of Disaster, World Vision. A free resource pack about natural disasters and human conflict. It includes an A2 poster and CD-Rom.

Key stage 4

Book Instant Facts Geography (Collins, pound;4.99) A great fact book that can be used for homework, coursework or revision.

Website educationsecondaryindex.html. The secondary section of the Met Office website includes detailed case studies of events such as the Boscastle floods and Hurricane Katrina.

Resource Looking Behind the Logo (Oxfam, pound;4.95) Includes a role-play game that looks at Fairtrade and the sportswear industry, plus real-life case studies and other activities.

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