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Maths resources

Resource: Sums Online Games CD, single user pound;85 plus VAT single user, site licence pound;490. Tightly-focussed material across the maths curriculum up to level 6, motivational for middle to lower-ability pupils at key stage 3 in particular.

Online translations into five other European languages available, so why not get together with MFL?

Book: Fractals, Googols and Other Mathematical Tales by Theoni Pappas, Tetra, pound;5.50. An intriguing little book for key stage 3 that should be in every young teens' maths classroom and school library. A slightly whimsical introduction leading to a variety of more mature mathematical ideas, many complemented by an historical slant.

Book: Mathematical Window Patterns by William Gibbs, Tarquin, pound;4.99. This can work for ages nine to 90: how to create a variety of translucent designs using geometric principles.

Unwind with your sixth form or department and treat yourselves to a visual and mathematical feast.

Website: MathsNet. A range of resources for key stage 5, featuring exam questions with interactive solutions, puzzles and simulations. Mechanics modules is one example.

Jennie Golding is head of maths at Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Primary music resources

Book: Colours Patterns: 12 original songs, Out of the Ark Music, pound;16.95. These simple but effective songs for key stage 1 children celebrate the polychromatic world from paint boxes and eyes to rainbows and spotty socks.

Resource: We'll Meet Again: Memories of World War II, Virgin, pound;8.98. Any class studying the war - or putting on a themed assembly - can choose from more than 40 songs from the era.

Website: British Birdsong. Listen to the stunningly different sounds of our smallest native musicians on this BBC Radio 4 website. Plus tips on what to listen for and where to go for a real-life concert.

Secondary music resources

Book: Elements: the Rhinegold Guide to Key Stage 3 Music, Rhinegold, pound;322.50. More than 400 lesson plans for the hard-pressed teacher in five books and accompanying CDs.

Resource: The Rough Guide to Salsa, World Music Network, pound;6.99. Booklet plus 12-track CD on the Latin American dance style that is now a craze throughout the world.

Website: Pupils who can't recall the difference between major and minor scales in any key can come here and see the answer on a keyboard. From that they can explore modes and their derivatives together with a vast range of chords.


Tom Deveson is a schools music consultant.

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