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* School Councils UK ( Includes guidelines on setting up councils, and hints for improving existing ones. Organises training days for schools - which staff and pupils attend together - and LEAs. Details on the website or phone 020 8349 1917. There's also a range of resources.

* Summerhill school site ( has details about its history and principles. An associated site ( is still being developed but will contain ideas for linking democracy to the curriculum, as well as details of conferences and projects on citizenship. For enquiries about a visit to Summerhill, email

* The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions ( is an excellent site (in English) that gives a good idea of how far ahead Europe is in pupil participation.

* Common Purpose (www.your runs a site "for teens who want to be heard". Includes ideas and resources to help young people become active citizens. Runs "Spotlight awards", with Deutsche Bank, to reward young campaigners who are helping to make changes in their schools, clubs or communities. Prizes include pound;1,000 in computer vouchers. See www.justdo something.netspotlight.

* Children's Rights Alliance for England ( is an up-to-date source of government information and human rights legislation.

* A full copy of Derry Hannam's research for Community Service Volunteers can be found at (you will need Acrobat Reader 5.0 software).


* School Councils: their role in citizenship and PSE, by Monica J Taylor (NFER, pound;19). A look at councils from the perspective of citizenship education, with detailed case studies. Tel: 01753 57412.

* School Councils: an apprenticeship in democracy, by Sally Inman and Helena Burke (ATL). Free to members, otherwise pound;9.99. Tel: 020 7930 6441.

* Participation, Power-sharing and School Improvement, by Bernard Trafford (Educational Heretics Press, pound;9.95). Readable account of a headteacher's efforts to "democratise" his school and empower its students.

* Real Education: varieties of freedom, by David Gribble (Libertarian Education, pound;8.95). A look at the principles behind "democratic" schools around the world, including Summerhill. Interviews with staff and pupils as well as author's observations.

* School Councils and Pupil Exclusions, by Lynn Davies. Available from School Councils UK, pound;9.45 (see websites). Research carried out at Birmingham University into councils' effects on behaviour and exclusions.

* Secondary School Councils Toolkit, by Di Clay, Jessica Gold and Derry Hannam (pound;34). Primary School Councils Toolkit, by Di Clay and Jessica Gold (pound;28). Both are comprehensive and user-friendly guides for teachers and pupils, published by School Councils UK.

* School Councils: the views of students and teachers, by Mary Baginsky and Derry Hannam (NSPCC, pound;10). Survey of 800 school councils.

* Citizenship and Democracy in Schools: diversity, identity, equality, edited by Audrey Osler (Trentham Books, pound;16.99).

* The School Council: a children's guide, by Faye Sutton (Save the Children, pound;5). www.savethe Colourful and fun.

A comprehensive list of resources on pupil power can be found at

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