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* New Policy Institute ( Monitors poverty and social exclusion and publishes annual results. Latest report is Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion 2002, by Guy Palmer, Mohibur Rahman and Peter Kenway (Joseph Rowntree Foundation, pound;16.95, plus pound;2 pamp;p. Tel: 01904 430033). Also has a website (

* Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (Case) based at the London School of Economics. Publishes regular papers, including Recent Changes in the Distribution of the Social Wage by Tom Sefton, and Changing Poverty Post-1997 by David Piachaud and Holly Sutherland , available free from Jane Dickson at Case (020 7955 6679) or from its website:

* Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Publishes research reports and summaries, called JRF Findings, on its website ( Email:, or tel: 01904 615905.

* Social Policy Research Unit, York University. Academic research information at

* Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (

* The Poverty Alliance ( Scotland's anti-poverty development agency.


* Department of Work and Pensions ( Information about the DWP's consultation on measuring poverty at consultationsconsult2002childpov.

* HM Treasury ( Reports, speeches and research on child poverty.

* Office of National Statistics. Information on households below average income (

* DfES children's and young people's unit is responsible for administering the Children's Fund (

* Low Pay Commission (

* Neighbourhood Renewal Unit (, part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, implements the national action plan to narrow the gap between deprived neighbourhoods and the rest of the country.

* Social exclusion unit ( Set up in 1997 to help reduce social exclusion by producing research and co-ordinating initiatives across departments. Publishes national action plan for social inclusion.

Campaigning organisations

* Child Poverty Action Group (

* End Child Poverty Coalition ( - group of voluntary, private and public organisations campaigning to eradicate child poverty.

* Save the Children Fund ( Books

* Education Divides: Poverty and schooling in the 1990s by Teresa Smith and Michael Noble (CPAG, pound;7.95). Tel: 020 7837 7979.

* The Well Being of Children in the UK edited by Jonathan Bradshaw (Save the Children, pound;18.95). Tel: 01752 202301.

For a full list of resources, see

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