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* A Systematic Review of the Impact of Summative Assessment and Tests on Students' Motivation for Learning. Study carried out by the assessment and learning research synthesis group for the Evidence for Policy and Practice Information Co-ordinating Centre, Social Services Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London. (

* Inside the Black Box: raising standards through classroom assessment, by Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam. Available from The Publications Secretary, School of Education, King's College London, Franklin-Wilkins Building, Waterloo Bridge Wing, SE1 9NN, pound;3.

* Assessment for Learning: Beyond the Black Box: how teachers can use assessment to raise pupil achievement, by Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam (pound;1.25 plus 30p postage). Available from

* Testing, Motivation and Learning, by the Assessment Reform Group (pound;1.50 plus 45p postage and packing). Copies available from University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge, CB2 2BX. Tel: 01223 369631. Or download from

* Assessment for Learning: 10 Principles: research-based principles to guide classroom practice, by the Assessment Reform Group. Copies available from School of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, Institute of Education, University of London, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0A1 (20 copies minimum, pound;10 including postage). Or download from

* National Curriculum Tests. A survey of teachers' views analysed for the NUT by Dr Sean Neill, Leadership, Policy and Development Unit, University of Warwick. Available from the NUT website, or the NUT education department: 0207 380 4723.

* Level Best?: levels of attainment in national curriculum assessment, by Dylan Wiliam, King's College London, University of London. Looks at the consequences for assessment and the reliability and meaning of levels of the irresistible pressure for teachers to teach to the test. Published by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (pound;9.99). Order copies from 0845 4500009, or

* Work, Work, Work! Students' perceptions of study and work-life balance under curriculum 2000, by Elseta Elsheikh and Tom Leney (King's College, London, pound;6.99). Order copies from 0845 4500009 or

* Work, work, work! - the sequel. After the exams: students' perceptions of study and work-life balance issues under Curriculum 2000, by Elseta Elsheikh (King's College, London, pound;8.99). Order copies from 0845 4500009, or

* What Pupils Say: changing policy and practice in primary education, by Professor Andrew Pollard (Continuum, pound;25).

* What Teachers Do: changing policy, practice and experience, by Marilyn Osborne, Elizabeth McNaiss, Patricia Broadfoot, Andrew Pollard and Pat Triggs (Continuum, pound;19.99).

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