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* Foundation stage. The QCA ( has curriculum guidance for the foundation stage, details of the foundation profile that replaces baseline assessment, and a new document Putting the fun into the foundation stage.

* Wales. For background on the decision to scrap key stage 1 tests and the thinking behind the proposed play-based foundation phase, visit dex. A consultation document open for comments until May 31.

* Researching Effective Pedagogy in the Early Years (Repey). Details of the research by Professors Siraj-Blatchford and Sylva into "shared sustained thinking" are on the DfES website (

* National Children's Bureau ( Home to the Children's Play Council, which campaigns for better play for children in and out of school.

Also to the Early Childhood Forum, umbrella organisation for many early years and related groups.

* Nursery World ( Weekly magazine for early years staff . Sister publication to The TES. Tel:020 7782 3000.

* Speculation on a conversation between Piaget and Froebel (www.froebelfoundation.orgspeculationhewes.html). Entertaining essay by American Dorothy W Hewes on the thinking of two major figures - and how their ideas are faring today.

* Summerhill ( The thinking behind the school where children are free to play and lessons are optional.

Books Many early years books, including practical guides to play activities, are at:

* Learning Through Play: babies, toddlers and the foundation years, by Professor Tina Bruce (Hodder and Stoughton, pound;10.99).

* Time to Play in Early Education, by Tina Bruce (Hodder and Stoughton, pound;15.99).

* Excellence of Play, edited by Janet R Moyles (Open University Press, pound;15.99).

* Effective Early Learning: case studies in improvement, by Christine Pascal and Tony Betram (Paul Chapman, pound;17.99).

* Teaching Through Play: teachers' thinking and classroom practice, by Neville Bennett, Liz Wood, Sue Rogers (Open University Press, pound;15.99).

For a full list of resources, see

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