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* The DfES ( has up-to-date advice and guidance you can access through its A to Z index. The latest statistics are at A number of reports are also available, such as Reasons for Exclusion from School by Audrey Osler, Rob Watling and Hugh Busher. The full text is available at Printed copies are available (free) from Prolog, P O Box 5050, Sherwood Park, Annesley, Nottingham NG15 0DJ. Tel: 0845 6022260; email:

* Research materials relating to exclusion are available from the Institute of Education in London. The report Reducing Exclusion from School: what really works is available at

* Work on a positive inclusion partnership which aims to reduce exclusion has been carried out in Glasgow. A report is available at www.itscotland.comresourcescreativity.

* Social inclusion and Educational Disengagement by Gavin Mensah-Coker is a good distillation of current arguments against exclusion. It is available online through the NUT website

* Optimus Publishing ( keeps schools updated regularly on all aspects of education law, including exclusion. Tel: 020 7251 6590.

* Dr Pauline Padfield's research findings are available from the Faculty of Education, University of Edinburgh. Tel: 0131 651 6447.

* Include Training, Advice and Consultancy provides training on pastoral issues and on strategies to prevent exclusions. Tel: 01792 556610; fax: 01792 556619.


* Alternatives to Exclusion from School by Pamela Munn, Gwynedd Lloyd and Marie Ann Cullen (Paul Chapman, pound;17.99).

* Not a Problem?: girls and school exclusion by Audrey Osler, Cathy Street, Marie Lall and Kerry Vincent (National Children's Bureau, pound;12.95).

* Outside, Looking In: children's and families' experiences of exclusion from school by Carol Hayden and Simon Dunne (the Children's Society, pound;14.95);

* Missing Out: LEA management of school attendance and exclusion (Audit Commission, pound;20). Summarises the national picture on absence and exclusion in England and Wales.

* Why Pick on Me?: school exclusion and black youth by Maud Blair (Trentham Books, pound;15.99). Provides recommendations for government, schools, headteachers, teachers and their trainers on ways to reduce the disproportionate number of black exclusions.

* Educating our Black Children: new directions and radical approaches edited by Richard Majors (RoutledgeFalmer, pound;16.99).

* Exclusion from School and Racial Equality: a good practice guide.

Guidance and recommendations for schools and local authorities from the Commission for Racial Equality. Available from the CRE website (

* Outcomes in Secondary Education for Children Excluded from Primary School by Carl Parsons, Carol Hayden, Ray Godfrey, Keith Howlett and Tim Martin.

The full text of this report is available at RR271.PDF. Printed copies are available (free) from the DfES publications department (see above).

For a full list of resources, see

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