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* The Department for Transport website has reams of data, statistics and research, and advice on how to formulate a travel plan. The department also produces a school travel resource pack including posters and leaflets.


* The DfES Teachernet site ( also has information and links. Go to its A-Z index, click "Travelling to School".

* Sustrans ( uk) is the charity behind the Safe Routes to School initiative ( uk). Resources include videos, information sheets and curriculum packs. The website has facts, figures and examples of good practice. Tel: 0117 926 0888. The charity is behind a two-day conference "Championing Safe Routes to School: citizenship in action", on September 23 and 24 at De Montfort Hall, Leicester ( portalsustrans.asp).

* Transport 2000 ( promotes sustainable travel.

The website has advice on setting up safe routes. A Safer Journey to School is an excellent free booklet. Tel: 020 7613 0743.

* TravelWise (www.travelwise. is a partnership of local authorities and other organisations, again promoting sustainable, safe travel.

* The Pedestrians Association organises Walk to School week (May 19-23) and International Walk to School day (October 8).;

* The National Society for Clean Air ( produces a free "emissions assessment" workpack that allows pupils to calculate the pollution their journey to school causes. Tel: 01273 878 770.

* Other packs are available from Nottinghamshire TravelWise (tel: 0845 6088 608, key stage 2) and Hertfordshire County Council (tel: Sue Ellis, 01992 556806). West Sussex County Council (01243 777128) produces a leaflet on how to make bus travel more appealing to teenagers.

*, sponsored by the car manufacturer Kia, has advice for schools and parents on setting up a walking bus, and a directory of walking buses.

* has similar information. The site is maintained by the engineering consultancy Mouchel, as is

* Yellow bus information and enquiries: yellowschoolbus.

* has useful information and advice on how to improve safety outside school.

* is not school-specific, but is used by many parents.

* The Bicycle Association publishes a booklet called Funding Cycling Schemes. Tel: 024 7655 3838.

* Young Transnet ( aims to involve young people in developing the transport policies of the future. Tel: 020 7843 63256016.

* MappIT produces a software package called Map Maker (pound;75), which allows you to map travel patterns at your school. Tel: 01487 813745.

* The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents publishes cycling safety booklets. Tel: 0121 248 2000.

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