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* The website of the Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education ( has details of Sapere courses as well as links to useful resources and research, and an extensive publications list.

* DfES advice on approaches to teaching thinking skills is at agementhigherorderthinking.

* The Case programme of cognitive intervention is at, or with background, research and details of how to introduce Case at your school.

* has details of a project in Northern Ireland, and a useful summary of research by Carol McGuinness at the University of Belfast.

* The NUT publishes written reports of all its thinking skills projects.

For a full list of the titles available, and to order copies, contact the NUT's information officer, Janet Friedlander, tel: 020 7380 4713. Email: The union also has an extensive resources list on its website at

* Information about Came (Cognitive Acceleration through Maths Education), by Mundher Adhami, is available at

* Let's Think Through Science!, by Philip Adey, Anne Robertson, Natasha Serret, Frances Nagy and Pam Wadsworth. Teaching resource for seven to eight-year-olds (pound;70. Available at

* Teaching Thinking Skills across the Primary Curriculum, edited by Belle Wallace (David Fulton, pound;16).

Thinking Tools

* gives a complete rundown of Edward de Bono's vast range of bestselling books, games and resource packs. Some of the material - including a "six thinking hats" resource pack - is targeted at schools.

* The Buzan organisation website ( features details of a range of products, courses and publications.

Brain-based learning

* has lots of brain-based learning info, with details of conferences and training.

* The University of the First Age website ( has lots of information on brain-based learning and activities organised by the UFA.

Tel: 0121 202 2347.

* is a website devoted to the use of physical exercise to promote learning.


* The Power of Physical Intelligence, by Tony Buzan (Thorsens, pound;6.99).

* Teaching Children to Think, by Robert Fisher (Nelson Thornes, pound;15.50).

* Games for Thinking; Poems for Thinking; Stories for Thinking; Values for Thinking. All by Robert Fisher (Nash Pollock, pound;10.99 each).

* Building Learning Power, by Guy Claxton (pound;20). All-round book focused on improving learning ( Tel: 0117 373 0277.

* Thinking Science (third edition), by Philip Adey, Michael Shayer and Carolyn Yates (Nelson Thornes, pound;76.50 for paper file; pound;90 for CD-Rom). Folder of activities and teacher's guide for Years 7 and 8.

For a full list of resources, see

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