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* Teacher Training Agency (TTA) ( Information on all routes, performance profiles, course content, GTP guidelines, DRBs in your area, financial incentives, promotional events, taster courses for England and Wales. For enquiry forms, tel: 0845 6000 991 (for English speakers); 0845 6000 992 (for Welsh speakers). Advice line: 0845 6000 993.

* Scotland: scotexec.html has all the details about training in Scotland. Or order the brochure: 0845 345 4745.

* Fast track (

* Applications: has information about PGCE courses, and profiles of providers. Apply online. The GTTR Guide for Applicants is a useful reference guide to postgraduate courses. Tel: 01242 544788. has details of undergraduate courses and application procedures. Tel: 01242 227 788.

Other useful sites

* has full details on the RTL scheme.

* has full details on golden hellos, or, for Wales,

* asp has policy details, guidelines and standards for ITT.

* has the same info for Scotland. Click on "initial teacher education".


* In the TES First Appointments supplement on January 10 this year, reviewer Mike Sullivan selected five key titles to prepare students for their early days in teaching. They are:

* Managing Behaviour in the Primary School (third edition), by Jim Docking; revised and updated by Michelle MacGrath (David Fulton, pound;16).

* Returning to Teach in Primary Schools, by Peter Eagling, Sylvia Turner, Charly Ryan and Doug Tanner (Learning Matters, pound;10). Tel: 01392 215 560.

* Effective Pupil Grouping in the Primary School: a practical guide, by Susan Hallam, Judith Ireson and Jane Davies (David Fulton, pound;14).

* PGCE Professional Workbook: professional issues in primary practice, by Emma Asprey, Cathy Hamilton and Susan Haywood (Learning Matters, pound;15).

* Principles of Primary Education (second edition), by Pat Hughes (David Fulton, pound;15).

* Numeracy For Teaching, by Derek Haylock (Paul Chapman, pound;12.99).

Useful for any teacher trainee worried about the numeracy test.

* An Introduction to Education Studies, edited by Steve Bartlett, Diana Burton and Nick Peim (Paul Chapman, pound;18.99).

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