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* Moving from the Primary Classroom, by Maurice Galton and John Willcocks (Routledge Kegan Paul, hardback pound;65).

* Transfer from the Primary School 20 Years On, by Linda Hargreaves and Maurice Galton (Routledge, pound;20.99).

* Changing Schools. Evaluation of primary secondary transfer and transition. Available on the Ofsted website:


* Bridges for Literacy, by Graham Frater, Basic Skills Agency. Free book with samples of emerging practice to counter the dip in literacy between key stages 2 and 3, based on case studies from seven primary and seven secondary schools. Contact Basic Skills Agency, tel: 0870 600 2400.

* Key Stage 3 Strategy: evaluation of the first year of the pilot.

Available on Ofsted website:

* Transition in Education. Project by Suffolk LEA. The authority won a beacon award in 2002 for its work on transitions.

* A Report on an Investigation into What Happens When Pupils Transfer into Their Next Schools at the Ages of 9, 11 and 13, by Suffolk education department of inspection and advice:

* Cambridge University School of Education transfer website. Essential reading:

* Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment. Useful section on transfer and transitions: www.

* Crossing the Bridge, by AAIA south-east region. Case studies in key stage 2 and key stage 3 transfer:

* Strategy or Straitjacket? Teachers' views on the English and maths strands of the key stage 3 national strategy, by Anne Barnes and Hamsa Venkatakrishnan, directed by Professor Margaret Brown, King's College London. pound;8.99. Tel: 0845 4500 009.

* The Impact of School Transitions and Transfers on Pupil Progress and Attainment, by Maurice Galton, John Gray and Jean Ruddock. DfES ukresearchdatauploadfilesRB131.doc

* It's Your Move: your guide to moving to secondary school. Published by the Scripture Union to prepare top year primary pupils for their move to secondary school. Now in its third year. Available from the Scripture Union, 207-209 Queensway, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2EB. Tel: 01908 856000. Email: pound;2.99 a copy; pound;10 for a pack of 10.

* Recollections - a personalised book for primary leavers. Hard-back folder with room for photos and autographs. pound;4.95 per book. For more information, call Imperial Marketing, tel: 01452 500448.;

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