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* The Local Government Association's website ( has all the latest developments on the proposed six-term year. You can also download copies of the reports published by the Independent Commission for the Organisation of the School Year, and there are provisional school calendars for the next few years, showing exactly how the six-term year would work.

* All the teaching unions have information and advice on their websites - just enter "six-term year" into the search engines at;;

* Professor Trevor Kerry has published a series of articles on the school year. These are available at columniststrevorkerry-articles.html.

* Caroline Sharp's summary of research into the effects of summer learning loss in the US and the UK, as well as other issues relating to the school calendar, is available at the National Foundation for Educational Research website ( papers.YREpaper.doc).

* For a look at what's happening in the US, is the website of the National Association of Year Round Education, and www.sedl.orgpolicy insightsyearround9303.html also has useful information.

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