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The Museum of Electricity in Christchurch, Hampshire, in what used to be the town power station. gives a fascinating introduction to the early years of electricity.

The Old Power Station, Bargates, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 1QE

Tel: 01202 480467 Fax: 01202 480468 museumindex.asp

Safety with appliances, including the CurrysGood Housekeeping survey:;2)

Electricity running costs calculator:

Friends of the Earth: energy

The Science Museum in London:

Electric vehicle campaign:

Alternative Vehicles Technology:

For an excellent discussion of the misconceptions and contradictions about electicity, visit www.amasci.commisconwhatis.html

For a good explanation of electricity, see Teaching Secondary Physics, edited by David Sang, ASEJohn Murray. Joan Solomon's chapter on Electricity and Magnetism is excellent. Also see the BBC's "Bitesize" GCSE revision website on

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