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* An Introduction to Developmental Psychology, edited by Alan Slater and Gavin Bremner (Blackwell,pound;19.99). Definitive textbook published this year.

* Understanding Children's Development, by Peter K Smith, Mark Blades and Helen Cowie. (Blackwell, pound;19.99).

* Young Children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development, by Marion Dowling (Paul Chapman, pound;17.99).

* The Scientist in the Crib: what early learning tells us about the mind. By a trio of US academics, including Alison Gopnik (Perennial, pound;7.89). Study of babies' and toddlers' learning power with advice on how to encourage it.

* From Neurons to Neighborhoods: the science of early childhood development, edited by Jack Shonkoff and Deborah Phillips (National Academy Press, pound;22.50). Covers issues such as nature versus nurture and the impact of being born working class. Can also be read online (www.nap.edubooks).

* Awakening Children's Minds: how parents and teachers can make a difference, by Laura E Berk (Oxford University Press, pound;17.50). Study of competing child-development theories with practical guidance for parents and teachers.

* Learning in the Early Years: a guide for teachers of children 3-7, edited by Jeni Riley (Paul Chapman Publishing pound;17.99) Research

* Effective Provision of Pre-school Education. Technical papers on aspects of this major UK longitudinal study from the EPPE office, London University, Institute of Education. ( Tel: 020 7612 6219.


* The whole child (www.pbs.orgwholechild index). Accessible, if basic, American site on development from birth to age five linked to video series by Detroit Public Television.

* is an online library of books and articles with substantial searchable section devoted to child development. Child and family web guide.

* is an online guide to the best sites on child development, reviewed and rated by Department of Child Development, Tufts University, Massachusetts. Divided into five categories of research-based information including one on education.

* Brain Wonders is a site supported by Boston University school of medicine about how brain develops up to age three. (www.zerotothree.orgbrainwonders

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