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* Failing Boys? Issues in gender and achievement, edited by Debbie Epstein, Jannette Elwood, Valerie Hey and Janet Maw (Open University Press, pound;18.99).

* Achievement of Girls in Single Sex Schools (Perspectives on Education Policy). Research review edited by Jannette Elwood and Caroline Gipps.

Available from the Institute of Education, tel: 01207 6126050.

* Equity in the Classroom: towards effective pedagogy for girls and boys, edited by Patricia Murphy and Caroline Gipps (RoutledgeFalmer, pound;22.50).

* Fair Test? Assessment, achievement and equity (assessing assessment), by Caroline Gipps and Patricia Murphy (Open University Press, pound;21.99).

* Raising Boys: why boys are different - and how to help them become happy and well-balanced men, by Steve Biddulph (HarperCollins, pound;7.99).

* Differential Achievement of Girls and Boys at GCSE:observations from the perspective of one school (Homerton Research Report.) Molly Warrington, Mike Younger (Homerton College, pound;6. Tel: 01223 507111).

* Making of Men: masculinities, sexualities and schooling, by Mairtin Mac an Ghaill (Open University Press, pound;19.99).

* Closing the Gender Gap: post-war education and social change, by Madeleine Arnot (Polity Press, pound;13.99).

* Just a Bunch of Girls: feminist approaches to schooling (gender and education), edited by Gaby Weiner (Open University Press, pound;17.99).

* Boys and Girls in the Primary Classroom, edited by Christine Skelton and Becky Francis (Open University Press, pound;17.99).

* Boys, Literacies and Schooling: the dangerous territories of gender-based literacy reform, edited by Leonie Rowan, Michele Knobel, Chris Bigum and Colin Lankshear (Open University Press, pound;18.99).

* Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: a guide for teachers and parents, by Michael Gurian (Jossey Bass Wiley, pound;9.50).

* Getting It Right for Boys - and Girls, edited by Colin Noble and Wendy Bradford (RoutledgeFalmer, pound;19.99).

* Education and Social Justice, by Stephen Gorard (University of Wales Press, pound;35).

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