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* Scottish Traveller Education Programme (


* The University of Hertfordshire publishes books on Gypsy culture ( UHPressGypsies.html.

* Denied a Future (Save The Children, pound;30). From: NBN International (www. Tel: 01752 202301.

* National Association of Teachers of Travellers (Natt). Tel:01376 340360.

* travellers.html has training materials and links to organisations and news of initiatives.

* Provision and Support for Traveller Pupils 2003 (HMI 455) Ofsted. Can download from website:

* Working Towards Inclusive Education: aspects of good practice for Gypsy Traveller pupils, Research Brief 238, Dfes November 2000. Download from: rsgatewayDBRRPu012915index.shtml.

* The Education of Gypsy and Traveller Children, by Pat Holmes and Christine O'Hanlon (Trentham Books, pound;15.99).

* Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers (Acert). Moot House, The Stow, Harlow, Essex CM20 3AG.

* Gypsy Traveller Students in Secondary School, by Chris Derrington and Sally Kendall (Trentham Books, pound;17.99).

* Traveller Education: changing times, changing technologies, by Ken Marks (Trentham Books, pound;10.99).

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