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The Yoropen ergonomic ballpoint pen has the pen-tip offset at an angle to the barrel, preventing the writer from placing the fingers too near, or even on, the nib and obscuring what is being written, which is a particular problem for left-handers. The soft plastic grip on the barrel is slightly triangular and encourages the tripod grip. It also rotates, which makes it equally comfortable for those with alternative grips.

Left-handers and those with handwriting difficulties should try the Yoropen; it is likely to be helpful. However, the fine, fast-moving ball-point may make it unsuitable for young children.

The multi-leaded, coloured Yoropen pencil, though attractive, is less useful. It is tricky to change from one colour lead to another and the leads are easily lost, rendering the pencil useless. The colours produced are somewhat thin.

Suzanne Tiburtius

Information officer, National Handwriting Association

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