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* Sustain ( is campaigning for the introduction of a Children's Food Bill, which will include the restriction of junk food marketing. It also runs the "Grab 5" scheme ( offering nutritional advice and curriculum materials to primary schools. Tel: 020 7837 1228.

* The Food Standards Agency ( has a range of downloadable reports, advice and nutritional information. It also publishes the findings of the national diet and nutrition surveys.

* The Food and Behaviour Research Group ( publishes research and information about conditions linking behaviour, learning and nutrition. Tel: 0870 756 5960.

* The Human Nutrition Research Centre ( publishes research and resources about human nutrition and health issues. Tel: 01223 426 356.

* The Food Commission has published a report on junk food marketing to children, Broadcasting Bad Health. Downloadable at health.pdf. Tel: 020 7837 2250.

* The Health Education Trust ( publishes a range of resources for schools on nutrition and health. Tel: 01789 773 915.

* The Social Issues Research Centre ( publishes research and resources on a variety of social and lifestyle issues. Tel: 01865 262 255.

* The Soil Association ( runs the Food for Life campaign for better school meals. The website has reports, resources and curriculum materials. Tel: 0117 314 5000.

* The Caroline Walker Trust ( issues guidelines for healthy eating in schools. Tel: 01726 844 107.

* The Dinner Lady, by Jeanette Orrey (Bantam Press, pound;16.99).

Also available from the Soil Association.

* British Food Fortnight (www.britishfood, backed by the Government and more than 40 retailers, restaurants, pubs and food outlets, runs from September 24 to October 9. Includes an updated edition of the resource pack for schools, Putting the "Ooo" Back into Food, available from the end of June. To order a copy, email info@britishfood or tel 020 7840 9292.

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