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* The RNIB ( provides information, resources and training and can advise on adapting curriculum materials and technology.

RNIB curriculum information service: 0870 0429554. RNIB helpline: 0845 766 9999.

The RNIB publication One of the Class (pound;15.00) is designed to assist staff in mainstream schools who are teaching a visually impaired pupil.

* Partners in Learning is an externally accredited training course run by the RNIB, for TAs working with children with visual impairments. Contact Liz Gutteridge on 0121 6654221.

* Blind in Business offers a careers package for schools. It also provides support and training to blind and visually impaired students and graduates.

Tel: 0207 588 1885;

* Action for Blind People has regional employment development centres offering careers support and advice. Tel: 0207 635 4800;

* National Blind Children's Society also provides a range of resources and offers advice to families of children who are blind. Tel: 01278 764 764;

* Look is an organisation which offers support to families of children with visual impairment.

* Sort It! ( is a website run by the RNIB for children aged 11-16 with sight problems. It offers advice on school work and equipment, as well as message boards and information about leisure activities.

* Other organisations which offer advice on equipment and technology include Becta ( and AbilityNet (

* Braille, large print and audio books are also available from, and

* British Blind Sport offers opportunities for visually impaired children (sports.

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