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Books Art to make you Scared and Art to make you Smile, both by Elizabeth Newbery (Frances Lincoln Children's Books pound;10.99 each), The Art Book for Children Book two (Phaidon Press pound;12.95). Sea monsters, ghostly apparitions, naughty secrets and squashy cheeseburgers can all be found in paintings. For primary teachers who want to inject fun and surprise into their lessons.


Book The Mirror of the World: a new history of art by Julian Bell (ThamesHudson pound;24.95). Bell takes a global perspective, ditching the Eurocentric treatment of more traditional texts, to create challenging, enlightening and often surprising juxtapositions and with the insight of a practising artist.

Resource The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an exhibition by Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist, encompassing 500 acres of park and the four indoor galleries.

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