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Book Mathematics for Primary and Early Years (pound;19.99 www.sage

A highly competent, active learning self-study text for developing maths subject knowledge to GCSE level. Nine thought-provoking, task-driven chapters for the under-confident. Rigorous, comprehensive and reflective.


Book Go Maths Year 1 and Year 2 (Eight Pupil Workbooks pound;15, Teachers Pack pound;120 per year group, call 01865 888084 or see

A dynamic and inclusive infant resource for teaching the essentials of number and calculation that provides a structured visual approach towards using the empty number line. Flexible and creative teacher guides and a well stocked CD packed full of interactive resources. (KS1)

Resource Numbers, Words and Pictures 2 CD-Rom (pound;89 single user

An impressive, attractive and flexible early years ICT toolkit with supporting videos and audio. Contains easy-to-use databases, bar and block graphs, pictograms, tally charts, Venn, Carroll and tree diagrams. Highly motivating and an ideal tool for cross-curricular project work. (KS1)

Resource Talk Maths (pound;12.50, call 020 7974 4075).

A 60-page book and interactive DVD from the Camden Maths Learning Network. Illustrates creative questioning catchphrases and engaging activities to raise the profile of pupil talk and promote active learning. Recommended as a thinking skills resource. (KS2)

Book Challenge Your Pupils (pound;9.99,

More than 200 multiple-choice problems, answers and notes taken from The Mathematical Association's Primary Mathematics Challenges. Chapters organised into easy problems, hard, puzzling and very challenging. Ideal for extension work, homework or investigations springboards. (KS2)

Resource 100 Maths Framework Lessons Year 1-6 (pound;30 each,

Detailed, well-written and clear lesson plans matching the five blocks of renewed maths framework. Fully differentiated, brimming with ideas and inspiration. Superb CD-Rom contains a glorious collection of supporting resources. Excellent value for money. (KS2)

Book The Creative Use of Odd Moments (Doug French) Available from the MA ( at pound;9.99 for members and pound;14.99 for non-members)

Eighty neat, intriguing, or simply interesting short ideas for enriching classroom experience. (KS3)

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