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Resources - Date to celebrate - March 4 - World Book Day

What is it all about?

World Book Day is the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK and Ireland. It is a time to encourage pupils to improve their reading skills and to develop their interest in different kinds of books and stories.

Classroom ideas

World Book Day can be incorporated into a variety of lessons for both primary and secondary school pupils across a range of subjects such as English, history, PSHE and citizenship.

Ask pupils to bring their favourite book into school and explain why they like it. You could set up a table display of all the different titles and encourage pupils to exchange books to develop their interest in new authors. You could set up a mini-library in the class and arrange a class discussion about what kinds of books are the most popular. Do pupils like love stories, mysteries or vampires? What kinds of books do they not like?

Help, I have got no time to prepare

The TES website has plenty of useful resources to help you and your pupils celebrate World Book Day. Visit for more details.

Where do I get more information?

The official World Book Day website has plenty of games, tips and ideas to incorporate into your lessons and help you to celebrate. Visit for more information.

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