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Resources - Download of the Week - Creative writing prompts

What is it?

A PowerPoint full of interesting prompts and ideas designed to stimulate short creative writing tasks at key stages 2 to 4.

How can it be used?

This resource is full of engaging and adaptable ideas to help your class get the most out of their imaginations through creative writing. A single slide could form the basis of an activity each day or each lesson, or you could go through some of the slides and ask pupils to choose their favourite prompt.

Alternatively you could use this resource as a starting point to a class-wide competition by grouping pupils into teams and asking them to come up with the most inventive story for the prompt they have been given. This resource can be used not only in English lessons but could be incorporated into work for history, art and design, citizenship and many other lessons where pupils have the opportunity to think creatively.

Why is it successful?

This resource gives pupils the chance to think about things in a new and creative way, and offers plenty of variations in topics which will last for many lessons. It will boost their confidence in their creative abilities and will also be great fun.

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