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Resources - Download of the Week - Handa's Surprise

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What is it?

This is a useful collection of resources for use in lessons on the Handa book, including re-telling booklets, pictures and worksheets.

How can it be used?

Use these resources to save time when covering the story of Handa with key stage 1 pupils. The images can be made into a "Handa wall" on display in the classroom, with pupils' own worksheets added to the display once they are completed. There are printable booklet templates for you to give to pupils to make their own copies and bring them home.

Classroom ideas

See how many different ways pupils can re-tell the story - encourage them to use their imagination. Create a display wall in the classroom once pupils have fully understood the sequencing of the story and then, as a reward for their hard work, you could have a Handa Day in school. Ask each pupil to bring in an item of fruit included in the story, or dress up as one of the items or characters. Play lots of games and eat lots of fruit.

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