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Resources - Download of the Week - Lily pads and frogs

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What is it?

These are collections of printable frog and lily pad images that you can use as a wall display to depict specific numeracy targets. The frogs can be moved along as each target is met.

How can it be used?

Teachers can add pupils' individual or team names to the frog images, which can then be printed and laminated for use throughout the year. The targets can be adapted to suit any subject or ability.

Classroom ideas

At the end of each term, the pupils or teams who have reached all the targets can be awarded prizes, perhaps with a frog theme. You could also print out the lily pads in a larger format for use on the floor, with pupils jumping from one lily pad to the next once they have reached the target.

Why is it successful?

It's a useful resource to display and encourages pupils' progress and motivates them to get their frog to the last lily pad.

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