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Resources - Download of the Week - Three Little Pigs

5 star rating


What is it?

This is a collection of interactive and printable resources based around the popular story The Three Little Pigs, suitable for foundation and key stage 1.

How can it be used?

This is a fun and engaging resource that can be used on an interactive whiteboard to tell the story to the class. The scenes from the story are also available on a worksheet, which can be given to pupils once the story has been told. These can serve as a useful activity while at the same providing the teacher with an opportunity to monitor their comprehension and recall. These worksheets could also be used as a display once completed. As a fun, whole-class activity you could separate the class into teams and see which team can recount the story most accurately - the winning team can then be given a reward.

Why is it successful?

This resource is a visually stimulating activity for children that will help hold their attention for longer.

Uploaded by: justinece

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