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What is it?

A large collection of resources including plans, interactive presentations, fact cards, labels and games, all with a dinosaur theme.

How can it be used?

These resources can be used as a starting point for any dinosaur-themed lessons or projects, relating to history, geography, English or science topics. There are plenty of ideas for fun, whole-class activities and investigations that can be adapted to suit pupil ability.

Classroom ideas

Lessons on the theme of dinosaurs can be fun and exciting for pupils, and these resources provide excellent tools to engage them. As part of a dinosaur project, you could organise a whole-class investigation on different types of dinosaurs and ask pupils to draw their favourite and then create a display or "dinosaur wall". You could arrange a dinosaur fact quiz by splitting the class into teams and giving each team a signature dinosaur as their mascot. The winning team's dinosaur can be the dinosaur of the week.

Why is it successful?

These resources provide teachers with plenty of adaptable options to use in the classroom, on a theme which can be incorporated into many fun lessons.

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