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Resources - Geography

What the lesson is about

This is a whiteboard resource focusing on distance, where pupils plot the position of their home and places in their neighbourhood. It is aimed at key stage 1 pupils.

Aims: pupils will -

- understand concepts of distance;

- be able to compare distances in terms of time;

- compare the relationship of different places to each other.

Getting started

Set up the whiteboard resource screen, showing an image of an archery score board with the school at the centre.

Title the bands around the centre "very close", "nearby" and "far away".

Ask the pupils to add labels, plotting themselves and their classmates on to the chart, and making decisions and judgments about where they live in relation to school.

Ask the pupils to add landmarks, such as local shops, the post office and the library, to show their relative distance.

Taking it further

Ask the pupils what is meant by "close" or "far away". What is meant by five minutes' walk? Is the post office close to the school? Who lives furthest from the school? What is the closest shop?

Add names onto the chart and build up a graph allowing the pupils to compare relative distances.

Where to find it

This resource was uploaded by TESiboard and can be found at far-away.

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