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Resources - Music

What the lesson is about

This is a PowerPoint presentation based around a piano keyboard.

Pupils are able to "play" the notes, and the name of each key will show up each time pupils play it.

The resource can be used as the basis of a lesson or as a background resource to refer to throughout the term.

It is suitable for both key stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Aims: pupils will -

- understand the names of notes, chords, triads and key signatures;

- become familiar with the piano keyboard;

- be able to name a note each time it is played.

Getting started

Show the pupils the PowerPoint presentation, which displays an octave and a half of a keyboard, with the names of the notes written up under each key.

Ask the pupils to "play" the keyboard through a touch-screen or with a mouse at the computer.

Younger pupils could use it to "play" their songs from memory, while older pupils could use it to answer questions.

The touch-screen keyboard can be used as the focal point of a lesson or as a reference tool for pupils while they are working in groups on their own compositions.

Taking it further

Compile a set of questions or a test and allow pupils to answer by coming to the board and playing the notes.

It can also be used to demonstrate the relationship between tones and semitones and the difference between sharps and flats in different key signatures.

Where to find it

The PowerPoint presentation was uploaded by blagmusic and can be found at

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