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Teacher Education for Inclusion

By Chris Forlin (ed)


ISBN: 978-0415548779


Inclusion is not only one of the most contentious topics in education, it is also one of the biggest challenges facing many classroom teachers. This book looks at ways of preparing teachers to work in inclusive classrooms, from initial teacher training to continuing professional development, to help them meet the needs of all their pupils.

Bringing ABA into Your Inclusive Classroom: A Guide to Improving Outcomes for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Debra Leach

Brookes Publishing

ISBN: 978-1598570779


This is a guide to using applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to help pupils with autism. ABA aims to identify the variables that influence behaviour and then deploy them to change future actions. This volume provides a step-by-step guide to the ABA process, before going on to show how this can be applied to pupils with autism. Although intended for an American audience, it includes lesson plans that can be adapted for use in the UK.

Teaching Primary Special Educational Needs

By Jonathan Glazzard, Jane Stokoe, Alison Hughes, Annette Netherwood and Lesley Neve

Learning Matters

ISBN: 978-1844453672


This comprehensive book focuses on special needs in initial teacher training, from inclusion policy and how barriers to learning can be removed, to guidance on individual education plans. It features practical advice on teaching children with special needs in reading, speech and language, the autistic spectrum and behavioural, social and emotional difficulties.

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