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Debating Special Education

By Michael Farrell


ISBN: 978-0415567282


This is a provocative book written by an independent consultant on special education, looking at many of the key debates around special-needs education. Farrell examines the value of labelling and classification, the downsides of intelligence testing, the need for distinctive provision for different types of disabilities and disorders, and the challenges of inclusion. Written in an accessible style, this is suitable for teachers of special needs children in mainstream and special schools.

A Quest for Social Skills for Students with Autism or Asperger's

By JoEllen Cumpata and Susan Fell

Future Horizons

ISBN: 978-1935274117


A series of ready-to-use lessons, games and activities to help address the non-academic needs, such as communication skills and managing emotion, of children with autism or Asperger's. Particularly useful for teachers in mainstream schools, who can integrate the activities into their existing curriculum without interfering with the academic needs of other pupils. Based on evidence-based research and includes a CD of printable worksheets.

Confronting the Obstacles to Inclusion: International responses to developing inclusive education

By Richard Rose (ed)


ISBN: 978-0415493611


A comprehensive overview of inclusion strategies, drawing on the experience of teachers and academics around the world, this will interest both practitioners and researchers. Examples of approaches to the key questions inform a debate around a range of topics, including the causes of exclusion, learning from pupils, enhancing teaching and learning, support in the classroom and working with families.

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