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Dealing with Drugs

By Anne Rooney

Evans Brothers

ISBN: 9780237538316


This book is part of a series on healthy lifestyles, which also looks at personal hygiene and sexual health, and covers the health risks of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Topics include the law, the risks of recreational drugs, misusing prescribed drugs, peer pressure and seeking help.

Health and Wellbeing: PSHE in Scotland

By Marel Harper, Gail Whitnall, Lesley de Meza and Stephen de Silva

Hodder Gibson

ISBN: 9781444112740


This is the first in a two-volume series that aims to provide a comprehensive resource for the health and well-being curriculum. Through classroom activities it introduces secondary pupils to the key concepts of planning for choice and changes, relationships, and mental, emotional, social and physical well-being. It is suitable for specialists and non-specialists.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Another

By Lars Collmar

Hinton House

ISBN: 9781906531256


This innovative book contains 15 stories, each told from two perspectives, to show how events that initially seem clear-cut take on another perspective when seen from somebody else's point of view. The stories are accompanied by questions for discussion.

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