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Resources - Ten best inspection resources

1. Evaluation template for inspection

Prepare for Ofsted visits by evaluating your school or class against specific criteria.

2. Inspection and observation criteria

A sheet containing the breakdown of how learning is judged in schools.

3. Governor visit guide and report

For governors to report to their professional body about visiting the school.

4. Extended reflection on life

A presentation for assemblies or lessons to encourage pupil contemplation.

5. Lesson plan guidance

Keep inspections in mind when planning lessons by using this guide.

6. Am I learning the best way?

A brightly-coloured method to get children to question their work and improve.

7. Ofsted guidance for EYFS inspection

Useful for teachers of early-years pupils in their planning and preparation.

8. ICT in education

A website useful for teachers who are implementing more ICT into their classes.

9. BBC Education

Keep up-to-date with educational news, including inspection guidelines.

10. Every Child Matters poster

For secondary pupils to encourage compassion and well-being.

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