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Resources - Ten Best Resources for Assessment

1. Assessment for learning toolkit

Seventy activities, tools and ideas based around assessment for learning,

2. Observation and assessment matrix

Useful for observing three reception-aged children daily,

3. APP reading assessment guidelines

Set of four reading assessment guidelines to record evidence,

4. Success criteria self-assessment

Traffic light self-assessment tool for independent writing,

5. PLTS skills self-assessment tool

Useful assessment tools for personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS),

6. APP maths analysis grids

Grids and methods of analysis for pupil performance in maths levels 1-5,

7. Student self-assessment

Maths national curriculum levels broken down for pupils to understand,

8. Foundation stage assessment sheet

For incorporating objectives into lesson planning for the foundation stage,

9. Guided reading record sheets

Objectives and targets to help pupil progression and performance,

10. Peer and self-assessment guide

Examples of good practice, slides for use in lessons and bonus features,

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