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Resources - Ten Best thinking skills

1. Lateral thinking puzzles

A great selection of helpful games - fun for teachers and pupils.

2. 10-minute thinking exercises

Presentation for inspiring creative thinking in literacy and numeracy lessons.

3. Discussion toolkit

A helpful resource for encouraging variety in class discussion.

4. Thinking on the spot

Easily adaptable presentation for fun end-of-day activities.

5. Critical-thinking presentation

Adaptable languages resource for GCSE preparation.

6. Creative thinking challenges

An inspiring and engaging presentation to develop pupils' creativity.

7. Thinking cards

Useful visual resources for speaking, listening and thinking activities.

8. Thinking hat posters

A selection of six for classroom or school display.

9. Thinking skills ages 7-11

A range of useful mathematics resources.

10. Thinking skills

An adaptable resource for skills development on a variety of topics.

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