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Resources - Ten most downloaded resources of 2009

1. VCOP quick-fire activities

Time-fillers to get pupils thinking about vocabulary and punctuation.

2. Posters

A helpful selection of posters for classroom display.

3. The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Sequencing cards and pictures from the book for cut-and-paste workbook activities.

4. Reading posters

For display in the school library or classroom reading area.

5. Skellig large scheme of work

A collection of resources for use with the novel Skellig for key stages 2 and 3.

6. TES Primary Plus

Code breakers that aim to engage pupils aged 7-11 and stimulate their minds.

7. VCOP superhero display

Comic-style superheroes for VCOP lessons to remember.

8. Murder mystery

Can pupils crack the codes to reveal the identity of the killer?

9. The starter generator

120 generic starters that you can adapt for different lessons.

10. Phonics lessons homework

Worksheets for use in support lessons or as homework for pupils.

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