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Each week, three subject teachers recommend a high-quality resource that they have tried and tested in their own classrooms


100 maths investigation ideas

What is it? In this extensive collection, andrewchambers shares 100 maths investigations that originally appeared on his own website. They cover all aspects of maths, including some devilishly difficult algebra, beautiful geometric problems and applications of real-life statistical analysis. There is far too much here to cover in a single year, but it is the perfect resource to dip in and out of.

How can it be used? I love a good mathematical investigation, but the ones I come across are usually aimed at key stages 3 and 4. Very rarely do I discover investigations that I can use with my A-level students and further mathematicians, but this collection certainly fits the bill. I hope you have as much fun trying these challenges out with your students as I did with mine.

Craig Barton is an advanced skills teacher at Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton and a TES secondary maths adviser. Find him on Twitter at @TESMaths


Comparing travel writing

What is it? The city of London is the common factor in these travel-writing flashcards that have been uploaded by tafkam. The source material is fantastic - including extracts from Bill Bryson books, travel blogs and Lonely Planet guides - and the cards are accompanied by a clear worksheet that encourages students to analyse the texts according to a variety of different criteria.

How can it be used? This resource lends itself to work in small groups. You could photocopy the flashcards on to different coloured paper to add a visual element that will aid pupils' understanding. It is a resource that could easily form the basis of a carousel-style lesson and will facilitate high-quality discussion about differences in form, audience and purpose. It can be adapted for use with key stages 3 or 4, but this year I am going to try using it as an engaging starting point for an AS-level independent research task on travel writing.

Jon Sellick is an English teacher and head of sixth form at Range High School in Formby, Merseyside


Biology quiz trading cards

What is it? This week's recommended science resource comes from dkohls and is aimed at key stage 4 students studying the GCSE AQA biology syllabus. It consists of a generous number of questions and answers - 123 to be exact - laid out as trading cards. The content is derived from past papers, making this the perfect resource for revision.

How can it be used? The sheets could be laminated and individual cards allocated for specific topics. This would be ideal for students to test their knowledge, either working in pairs or small groups. Or to involve the whole class, the cards could be numbered and distributed. You could then use a random name generator to select individual students to contribute. I will certainly be bookmarking this resource for use with my own students.

Aimee Mckeon is a science teacher at St Andrew's CE High School and Sixth Form in Croydon, South London

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