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Rethink for Apple in schools

Xemplar, the firm created to sell Apple and Acorn computers to schools, will leave its Cambridge headquarters and move back to Apple UK in west London by September. Apple bought out Acorn's 50 per cent share early this year when Acorn stopped making computers for schools Xemplar insists that it will continue to give the same level of service and will enjoy relative autonomy at Apple. The company will concentrate on Apple's core products - the popular iMac, G3 Macs and laptops. Its agents will handle third-party items like Psion's Series 3A.

The most difficult part of the transfer is happening right now - it has to shed about half its 60 staff prior to the move.

Nick Evans, Xemplar's marketing director, says: "We're asking people to be patient with us. We are putting a lot of work into making sure that the transition is as painless as possible for our customers. The time is right with the National Grid for Learning and the products are right, particularly our networking products which are easier to manage and use and are cheaper that the equivalent with Windows NT."

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